Hier findest du Hinweise auf unseren Gruppen- und Privatunterricht!


Since 2007 I am improving myself as a dancer in workshops in Europe and during my regulary trips to Buenos Aires. I took clases with more than 30 teachers among them Carlitos Espinoza, Fausto Carpino, Sebastian Arce, Chicho Frumboli, Matias Facio, Pablo Rodriguez, lsmael Ludman, Pablo Inza, Sebastian Jimenez, Homer Ladas, Adrian Ferreyra, Horacio Godoy, Mariana Dragone, Corina de la Rosa and others. 

I studied in more than 160 group clases and over 45 private lessons the didactics, the bodywork and the Conceptual-Tango-Technique of the D.N.I. School (Buenos Aires). My own teaching is furthermore influenced by the conceptual work and the academic teaching experience in the field philosophy, where i soon will recieve the PhD. Important for me is close-embrace dancing with good technique and musicality. Right now i'm specially interested in circularity as a basic principle. 


I love music and movement! Since my early childhood i did gymnastics, ballet and lot of sports. With 6 I started to learn flute, later began playing the bass guitar, both in several band projects. I always liked to work with people so i decided work as a speech therapist. Since I hold my university diplom of Science of Sport I also work as trainer for rehabilitation sports.

In 2011 I started to teach Tango in Berlin with several teachers and since that time I went to Buenos Aires for four times. My special interest is to combine the teaching with various forms of bodywork like Yoga, Gyrokinesis, Contemporaneo and my own experiences as a professional sports trainer. Check out my website www.yogamio.eu!
Fotos by Victoria Scranton